"People always tell you that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but they're wrong. 
Hands are."
Great expectations, 1998


Hi, my name is Stéphanie but many people call me Stephou. I was born in Brussels in 1985, where I studied medicine and along side, kept developing my passion  for drawing and painting, nourished by daily life as well as various travels.
I spend now most of my time around Chamonix, trying to keep the balance between my beautiful work as anesthetist and staying close to Nature, skiing in the winter and climbing in the summer.

And sometimes in between, the call from the ocean takes me to play with a kite surf if the wind blows, or to surf some nice waves when the swell comes up.

Drawing has been a part of me since ever, a way to talk about love, mankind, society, music, medicine... in a sense, life!